Universal, secure and undefeatable personal identification is the cornerstone to enabling the commerce, transactions and information exchanges we engage in daily.

Completing a credit card purchase, initiating a mobile funds transfer, using an electronic payment system, providing medical record history, applying for a loan and protecting ourselves from identity theft and fraud all share the same core need: absolute, secure and definitive proof of who we are — conveniently and in a manner that cannot be abused or exploited.

Universal Secure Registry™ LLC’s enabling identity authentication and payment processing technology was developed by Kenneth Weiss, an expert in the field, who pioneered multi-factor authentication. Backed by more than a dozen US patents and patents pending, USR is transformational, enabling, and scalable.
USR proprietary software technology leverages the convenience of a mobile phone to act as a trusted agent for personal transactions. The guiding principal behind development of our core technology is to be the preeminent secure and trusted universal electronic solution for personal, private, and sensitive information that is managed and controlled by the securely identified individual owner of the information. USR can act as an individual’s trusted agent in a variety of activities dependent on personal identification including mobile payments, mobile commerce, financial transactions, computer/network access, physical access, and electronic form filing and related automated update of remotely distributed information.

USR’s mission is to be the enabling technology of the cashless society by licensing its proprietary authentication and identification software technology, entering into strategic alliances and cooperatively supporting third parties implementing USR technology.

Because of the complexities of our daily routines, we often lose sight of the fact that identification is at the heart of many often repetitive and redundant activities such as:

  • Making a credit or debit card purchase
  • Writing a check
  • Wiring funds
  • Accessing bank and financial records
  • Transferring money from one person to another
  • Using a driver’s license
  • Unlocking and starting a car
  • Unlocking and entering a home, office or hotel room
  • Accessing secure physical facilities
  • Filling out applications for a loan, mortgage or credit card
  • Logging into a computer, network or secure server
  • Filling out medical forms

Proprietary USR software allows the secure and automatic management of all these tasks and many more, quickly and conveniently, without compromising or exploiting an individual’s identity.

More than 150 million people and major organizations around the globe rely on computer security systems designed and patented by USR founder Kenneth Weiss. Computer security and identity authentication systems such as SecurID tokens invented, designed and patented by Weiss protect the majority of the Fortune 500 and the governments, banks and consumers in more than 35 countries as well as sensitive agencies and institutions including the White House and the U.S. Congress. Weiss’ SecurID technology has been evaluated and certified by the National Security Agency (NSA). In more than 30 years no one has breached the SecurID security algorithms designed by Weiss. Despite organized annual contests with large financial rewards for any one who could defeat this security, the algorithms have survived the concerted attacks of world-class cryptologists and hackers. USR technology further surpasses the security of SecurID tokens technology by an order of magnitude.

SecurID is a trademark of Dell Inc.’s RSA Security division.