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Apple, Visa Infringed On Boston Man’s Security Patents for Apple Pay

By May 23, 2017May 30th, 2017Media

May 22, 2017 – Bisnow Boston by Cameron Sperance
A small, Boston-based technology company known for its work in security and personal identity authentication filed a lawsuit Sunday in U.S. District Court in Delaware against Apple and Visa, claiming the two corporate giants infringed on its patents to create Apple Pay. Universal Secure Registry’s claim alleges its founder and CEO, Kenneth Weiss, was the first in the mobile payment space with his patents for security and identity authentication, which he revealed to Apple and Visa in 2010. The secure payment technology he developed is the core of Apple Pay, according to the filing. The suit seeks unspecified damages, but hundreds of millions of dollars are believed to be at stake based on prior and ongoing patent infringement lawsuits with the smartphone.

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